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About us

SELENA was founded in 1995 and since then SELENA is successful in its area of .

The brand SELENA has been developed continuously; the products are marketed in both the EU market as well as the east- European market. The SELENA product line encompasses solutions to solve all your needs that our clients may have in regard of interior luminaires.


Selena is a technology oriented company. We are able to offer a whole range of service starting with planning and designing to developing and manufacturing of luminaires. Quality and design are SELENA core expertises. We are also concerned to meet environmental standards and to build our luminaires to work as energy efficient as possible.

We believe that our slim company structures, that ensure fast and efficient decision making processes are the key component to make sure that we can offer custom manufacturing at its best.

After the lauch of our new production Line SELENA can grow and offer even better manufacturing possibilities serving our customers and realizing new ideas to become even better in the future.

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