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1...10 V lighting control for QUICKTRONIC DIMMABLE

Dimmable lighting systems

Dimmable lighting systems are playing a more and more important role to play in all areas of application. The reason is that many of the demands that are placed on lighting systems can be met more easily and more elegantly with lighting controls.

Economy and comfort are the driving forces here.

  • Reducing lighting costs

  • Increasing lighting comfort

  • Promoting individuality

This has all been made possible thanks to technical developments over recent years. Modern dimmable ECGs with 1...10 V interfaces in combination with the appropriate controllers and sensors provide the basis for simple and cost-effective systems.

The right controller for any application

There are very many different ways in which dimmable ECGs can be used. Typical applications include offices and factories with daylight-dependent controllers, conference and meeting rooms with situation-dependent lighting and CAD rooms and control rooms with individual adjustment of the lighting level. At the heart of the lighting system are QUICKTRONIC DIMMABLE ECGs with 1...10 V interfaces.They are controlled with a controller or a sensor. The choice of the right 1...10 V dimmer components for controlling the lighting level depends on the particular application. The requirement profile for the dimmable lighting system must therefore be defined accurately.

Manual controllers

Manual controllers using switches and remote control units, for example, offer a high degree of flexibility and can be adapted to the specific needs of the user. The functions of different 1...10 V controllers can be combined for tailor-made lighting control.

Automatic controllers

Automatic controllers with sensors are ideal for saving on lighting costs. The lighting level is regulated by light sensors according to the amount of daylight available, so full use is made of available daylight. Energy savings of up to 60% are possible.Potential savings of up to 70% and more can be achieved by using sensors with automatic disconnection, motion detectors and time switches.

Complex controllers

A simple link between the 1...10 V interface and the instabus EIB or LON building services control bus can be established via switching/dimming actuators.

Electronically reversible protection against:

  • overtemperature
  • overload
  • short circut



HT 1-10 230-240 DIM
HT 1-10 230-240 DIM

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