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Systemy sterowania oświetleniem


With just a small addition you can turn your luminaire into an intelligent system. Compact and with low stand-by losses, it will then save you energy. basicDIM can take all the work away from the user. Energy saving has never been more convenient.

Compact comfort

The three most important criteria that modern lighting management systems have to meet are visual comfort, suitability to the tasks being performed and energy efficiency – compactDIM supports all these. It can be installed in a single luminaire yet cover an entire room. Your luminaire therefore becomes an intelligent lighting system.

Energy savings with no loss of comfort

Energy savings of up to 80 % can be achieved with digital dimmable ballasts and lighting control based on ambient light sensors and presence sensors. With the various versions of the basicDIM system you can tailor your luminaires to the requirements of the particular application. Users save energy – with the version that requires no manual intervention to the version that allows the amount of light to be adjusted via remote control to suit personal taste.

Flexible design

Sensors available for installation in luminaires or ceilings and for surface mounting on ceilings have been tailormade in terms of their shape, size and function for the specific application. This gives you maximum flexibility in designing your installation.

Programming tool for the basicDIM system.
IR remote control for a luminaire group.

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