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Systemy sterowania oświetleniem

Business 128

The compact standard version

The emergency escape lighting system BUSINESS offers two system versions (BUSINESS 128 and BUSINESS IP select), which differ in performance, upgradability and easy of operation.

The following characteristics apply to all versions of the BUSINESS-range:

  • Circuit current monitoring
  • Freely programmable end-circuit modules- For maintained, non-maintained and profi (mixed) operation modes
  • Automatic luminaire calibration
  • Individual labeling of the luminaire location in plain text
  • Nominal battery voltage 216 V
  • Fuse protection of end circiuts up to 1200 W (two pole)
  • Bus capable switch inputs with 24 Vdc current loop (volt-free) or external 230 Vac current loop
  • Hamming distance (HD) 4



 Technical data


Light output up to 18 kW (3x6000W)
End circuits (main unit including sub-distribution boards) up to 128 circuits or up to 16 units
Control and monitoring
  • up to 2 control and display units
  • Individual labeling of the luminaire location in plain text
Optional extensions/accessories
  • above 2 bus terminals per main unit with multiplexer 
  • DALI- and DIM-luminaires interlinked via specific luminaire module 



Control and display unit (up to 2 units per main unit can be connected)

The individual luminaire location is shown in plain text - after entry by the end-user


Main unit



Compact or Full unit equipped with demountable roof for trouble-free installation and maintenance


Time saving due to automatic luminaire calibration

The luminaire calibration can be accomplished in a few steps via the control and display unit. A time-consuming manual input of data for each luminaire becomes unnecessary for the operator. After the luminaire test the status of each luminaire is indicated:

Data transfer from logbook

Via RS232-interface it is possible to transfer the logbook entries from the processormodule to the connected PC.


Control and display unit
Control and display unit
Controlling and monitoring
Bus line monitoring
EGM 8      24
EGM 8 24
Input module 24 Vdc
EGM 8 230
EGM 8 230
Input module 230 Vac

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