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Systemy sterowania oświetleniem

Business IP

The all-round system

The emergency escape lighting system BUSINESS offers two system versions (BUSINESS 128 and BUSINESS IP select), which differ in performance, upgradability and easy of operation.

The following characteristics apply to all versions of the BUSINESS-range:

  • Circuit current monitoring
  • Freely programmable end-circuit modules- For maintained, non-maintained and profi (mixed) operation modes
  • Automatic luminaire calibration
  • Individual labeling of the luminaire location in plain text
  • Nominal battery voltage 216 V
  • Fuse protection of end circiuts up to 1200 W (two pole)
  • Bus capable switch inputs with 24 Vdc current loop (volt-free) or external 230 Vac current loop
  • Hamming distance (HD) 4



Technical data


Connectable lighting load up to approx. 120 kW
End circuits up to approx. 1000
Control and monitoring
  • above 2 control and display units
  • Visualization and short message service (SMS) via internet protocol (IP)
  • Individual labeling of the luminaire location in plain text
Special features Select technology: Switchability of each individual luminaire in the circuit and time saving luminaire calibration
Optional features
  • above 2 bus terminals per main device with multiplexer
  • DALI and DIM-luminaires interlinked via specific luminaire module



Transfer of the logbook entries via (USB) thumb drive

Transfer of the logbook entries via (USB) thumb drive and data output format available as XLS-file: Administration, sorting and finally printing, all done in a flash.


Added value with application of the Select technology:

  • Increased comfort and variation possibilities by switching each individual safety luminaire in the end circuit via digital inputs (programming via the control and display unit)
  • Time-saving luminaire calibration and logging of luminaire data


BUSINESS Select technology

  1. Individual switch ability

Using the display and controlunit each individual safety luminaire in the end circuits can be individually programmed and switched via digital inputs. Therefore an outdoor light for example is activated both in the emergency operation as well as in main operation (in this case in accordance with its programming,e.g. 18:00 to 8:00 o'clock)

       2.  Time-saving luminaire calibration

Using the relay module ABG 8 select all ends circuits are celibrated simultaneously. This corresponds to a measuring duration of 1 minute (+warming-up phase)

       3.  Automatic logging of each luminaire and storing of luminaire data

The total output of each end circuit as well as the output load of each luminaire is measured and indicated.


Visualization via PC and SMS via mobil phone

The technology of the BUSINESS IP select provides the possibility to also show all system parameters and operating condition on a typical PC with standard office-software. The visualization permitts a maximum degree of flexibility, fast diagnosis as well as a cost-saving maintenance of the emergency escape lighting system.

Added value with the visualization application:

  • More flexibility due to choice of location
  • Always up-to-date, due to quick updated data transmissions
  • More reliability due to remote system interrogation
  • Individual labeling of the luminaire location in plain text

Battery individual block monitoring (optional)

Within the capacity test required by law (E DIN VDE 0100-560:2007; EN 50172:2004) the batteries are tested in defined time intervals. Utilizing the battery individual block is metered and logged during a discharge. Therefore an accurate documentation of each battery data is ensured- without having to tediously measure in small-sized cabinets.

Added value with the individual battery block monitoring:

  • Time saving due to detailed display of the voltage of each battery block
  • No more difficult measuring in small-sized cabinets
  • Documentation of battery parameters by reading out of data with (USB) thumb driver

Switching modes

  • Standard switching mode- Maintained and non-maintained luminaires in two separate end circuits

  • Profi mode circuit- Maintained and non-maintained luminaires together in one end circuit (Mixed opration)

  • Select mode circuit- Maintained and non-maintained luminaires together in one end circuit(mixed operation)+possible switching each individual luminaire within the end circuit. Using the control and display unit each individual safety luminaire in the end circuit can be individually programmed and switched via digital inputs-this without any separate control cable to the luminaire

Module ABG 8 select
Relay module
BEB 18
BEB 18
Battery single block monitoring
SET009 Profi
SET009 Profi
Module for individual luminaire monitoring and mixed operation mode
SET009 DimDali
SET009 DimDali
Module for DALI and DIM control
SET010 select
SET010 select
Module for individual luminaire switching and monitoring
SET010 DimDali
SET010 DimDali
Module for DALI and DIM control + Select-technology
Mains switch-over module

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