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Systemy sterowania oświetleniem


modularDIM digital lighting management system is a real quick-change artist-energy-saving, user-friendly and adaptable. Our system provides a flexible modular system which allows us to meet user requirements easily.


-digital lighting management for DSI ballasts
-potential energy savings of up to 80%
-simple installation
-modular expansion
-Installation in switching cabinets
-use of standard switches for dimming and switching
-basic module for 3 groups and motion sensors

Perfect light

Different light sources, one light level. Tridonic technology offers precise digital dimming, from the first luminaire to the last. The dimming characteristic is based on the sensitivity of the human eye to light of perfect quality –from 1 % to 100 %.

Modular central system

Whether you want manual dimming and switching, daylight-dependent and presence-dependent lighting or the management of lighting groups and lighting scenes, you can configure our modularDIM lighting management system, which we have developed for installation in switching cabinets, to meet a wide range of requirements.

Impressive energy savings

Energy saving made easy. Energy consumption is automatically reduced by the use of daylight-dependent and presence-dependent lighting control. The modularDIM system can achieve energy savings of up to 80 % through intelligent control.

Low cost, high quality

A system for life. All modularDIM components are manufactured from high-quality materials to ensure maximum reliability and long life. The control components are easy to install and operate (plug & play). Perfect lighting control at an ideal price/performance ratio.

Installation instructions
• To enable several operating points to be used, several keys or switches are connected in parallel.
• The maximum operating length of all keys, as well as the light sensor, may not be more than a max. length of 100 m.
• The DSI signal is transmitted by a functional extra low voltage (not safety extra low voltage). Use installation material that is designed for mains voltage installations (230 V 50 Hz) therefore.
• The inputs and outputs for the keys, daylight sensor and for the iX interface meet the requirements for safety low voltage.
Important note: if one of the safety low voltage inputs/outputs is not wired in accordance with the relevant requirements, the other inputs outputs should also be wired with installation material designed for mains voltage installation (230 V 50 Hz).
• The key inputs comply with the requirements of safety low voltages. Any kind of key can be used.


modularDIM Basic
modularDIM Basic
Basic control unit for manual dimming and switching of 3 channels. ...
modularDIM SC
modularDIM SC
Expansion module for programming and retrieving up to 4 lighting ...
modularDIM DM
modularDIM DM
Expansion module for daylight-dependent programming of up to 3 DSI ...
modularDIM LC
modularDIM LC
Expansion module for connecting non-floating switches and ...
modularDIM Sensor DAYLIGHT
modularDIM Sensor DAYLIGHT
Ceiling sensor for detecting daylight in conjunction with the ...

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