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Systemy sterowania oświetleniem


Thanks to our integrated sensors, intelligent luminaires know whether and how much light is required and that can achieve energy savings of at least 30%.

-a light sensor is connected directly to the ballast
-no additional controllers are required
-the basic light level can be set on the sensor
-the desired light value can be changed via switchDIM
-each luminaire is individually controlled

SMART sensors- elements of a cost-effective constant lighting solution.

You can produce simple, cost-effective and energyefficient luminaire systems on the basis of digital dimmable PCA EXCEL one4all and PCA ECO ballasts. You can simply connect our SMART sensors directly to Selena ballasts via the SMART interface. The integrated regulation circuit registers the available ambient light or the presence of a person in the room and regulates the level of light to a user-defined constant light value or switches off the luminaire if there is no one in the room. Energy saving then becomes automatic.

Integrated added value for luminaires

The SMART components are easy to integrate, enabling luminaire manufacturers to offer products with added intelligence, without having to compromise on the freedom of optimum design. A further control input on the ballast enables the luminaires to be integrated into a complete
lighting system.

Small system, big saving

By connecting a smartDIM sensor the digital ballasts can be switched automatically via the presence detection circuit and regulated according to available ambient light. When the luminaires are switched off the built-in relay disconnects the ballasts from the power supply so there is no power loss. Yet another boost for the energy efficiency of the entire installation.

Compact comfort

The three most important criteria that modern lighting management systems have to meet are visual comfort, suitability to the tasks being performed and energy efficiency-compactDIM supports all these. It can be installed in a single luminaire yet cover an entire room. Your luminaire therefore becomes an intelligent lighting system.

Easy to operate

In combination with the PCA EXCEL one4all and PCA ECO electronic ballasts, the SMART sensors can provide a cost-effective lighting system. The sensors are connected directly to the ballast and either mounted on the luminaire or integrated in the luminaire casing, as required.

Flexible in use

The compact modern design of the sensors and the various fixing options give you enormous freedom for designing the luminaires. The sensors are available for detection at distances of five or ten metres.

Energy savings of up to 80%

The sensors detect the available ambient light and use this as the basis for controlling the lighting system to achieve a defined constant light value. As a result you can make energy savings of up to 60%. In combination with a presence sensor, energy savings of up to 80% can be achieved.

Variable setpoint

The constant light value is set on the sensor without the need for any tools or accessories. In addition, you can switch our electronic ballasts on or off via the digital interface or via the mains. Temporary adjustments of the setpoint (dimming) are also possible (DALI, DSI or switchDIM).

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